Qualifiers for 2011 Junior Olympics

The protocol for deciding qualifiers for Junior Olympics is sometimes complicated.  While slightly oversimplified, for Junior events, you can count on 25% (minimum of 3) of the total number of fencers (who finish pools and are not excluded) will qualify.  For Cadet, you get the minimum or 25% (whichever is larger) and in addition, any fencers of the appropriate age who qualified for Junior, have auto-qualified for Cadet in the same weapon.  They are not counted toward the 25%.  If they did not fence the Cadet event, they still have qualified to fence the Cadet event.

Please note that the DEADLINE for Junior Olympics 2011 is January 10, 2011.  They must have RECEIVED your entry by then, or you are subject to additional fees.

You can find almost all the information you may need here: http://usfencing.org/events/4663


** did not fence this event.

JMS 4 qualify         CMS 3 qualify      
  Fencer Club Class New     Fencer Club Class New
1   Moseley, Jared CBSS E2010      1   Meehan, Joshua CBSS  
2   Harris, Zachery CBSS     2   Lin, Henry CMFC E2010   
3   Bass, Connor CMFC     3   Berney, Kyle Asher CMFC  
4   Dawson, Christopher CMFC     A   Harris, Zachery CBSS  
5   Baker, Dalton FASF     5   Webb, Bregon CMFC  
6   Webb, Bregon CMFC     A   Bass, Connor CMFC  
7   Meehan, Joshua CBSS     7   Mathis, Phillip CMFC  
8   Mathis, Phillip CMFC     8   Baker, Dalton FASF  
9   Lin, Henry CMFC E2010      9   Newton, Cristan CMFC  
10   Jones, Christopher CMFC     10   Toys, Austin FASF  
11   Berney, Kyle Asher CMFC     11   Gras, Alexander LFC  
12   Hawley, John LFC              
13   Newton, Cristan CMFC              
14   Alderman, Christian CMFC              
15   Felty, Daniel CMFC              
16   Willis, Steven CBSS              
JME 5 qualify         CME 4 qualify      
  Fencer Club Class New     Fencer Club Class New
1   Meehan, Joshua CBSS D01   1   Mills Mr, Zachary J.M. LFC E2009   
2   Rogers, Ja'Colby CMFC E01   2   Newtown, David FASF  
3   Dawson, Christopher CMFC E2008  E01   A   Harris, Zachery CBSS  
4   Harris, Zachery CBSS E01   3   Webb, Bregon CMFC  
5   Funk, Gerhardt FASF     4   Lake, Hammond CMFC E2010   
6   Lake, Hammond CMFC E2010      6   Beck, Nathanael FASF  
7   Mills Mr, Zachary J.M. LFC E2009      7   Little, Edward J FASF  
8   Johnson, Christopher A CMFC E2009      8   Ursua, Joshua CMFC  
9   Ewing, Gregory FASF D2009      A   Meehan, Joshua CBSS  
10   Webb, Bregon CMFC     10   Bills, Joey CMFC  
11   Moseley, Jared CBSS     11   Long, Aidan FASF  
12   Cooley, Nathan CMFC     12   Jones, Christopher CMFC  
13   Johnston, Samuel CMFC E2010      13   Platt, Gil FASF  
14   Beck, Nathanael FASF              
15   Ursua, Joshua CMFC              
16   Newtown, David FASF              
17   Bills, Joey CMFC              
JMF 4 qualify         CMF 5 qualify      
  Fencer Club Class New     Fencer Club Class New
1   Moseley, Jared CBSS E2010      A   Meehan, Joshua CBSS  
2   Lake, Hammond CMFC E2010      A   Lake, Hammond CMFC E2010   
3   Rogers, Ja'Colby CMFC E2009      1   Johansen, Christian FASF  
4   Meehan, Joshua CBSS     2   Harris, Zachery CBSS  
5   Johnson, Christopher A CMFC     3   Craig, Hayden LFC  
6   Dawson, Christopher CMFC     4   Ursua, Joshua CMFC  
7   Johansen, Christian FASF    


  Branch, Ethan CMFC U  
8   Harris, Zachery CBSS     8   Buckley, Terryl Lea FASF  
9   Mathis, Phillip CMFC     9   Newtown, David FASF  
10   Davis, Wesley FASF     10   Pumphrey, Brenden FASF  
10   Felty, Daniel CMFC     11   Mathis, Phillip CMFC  
12   Bills, Joey CMFC     12   Caldwell, Witt FASF  
13   Ursua, Joshua CMFC     13   Berney, Kyle Asher CMFC  
14   Newtown, David FASF     14   Bailey, Alex CMFC  
15   Branch, Ethan CMFC U     15   Kent, Jakarri FASF  
            16   Feliciano, Cade FASF  
            17   Bills, Joey CMFC  
            18   Felty, Kent FASF  
            19   Gieseke, Matthew James FASF  
            20   Brown, Carter Bedford FASF  
JWS 3 qualify         CWS 3 qualify      
  Fencer Club Class New     Fencer Club Class New
1   Meehan, Kaela CMFC E2008      A   Meehan, Kaela CBSS E2008   
2   Mijalis, Eleni CMFC E2009      A   Vu, Tammy CBSS  
3   Vu, Tammy CBSS     1   Hamann, Kaylee CMFC  
4   Labor, Andrea FASF              
            ** Mijalis, Eleni      
JWE 3 qualify         CWE 4 qualify      
  Fencer Club Class New     Fencer Club Class New
1   Pierce, Emily CMFC E2009  E10   A   Meehan, Kaela CMFC E2010   
2   Meehan, Kaela CMFC E2010      A   Pierce, Emily CMFC E2009   
3   Norwood, Alexandra Sheldon CMFC     1   Driskill, SarahJayne CMFC  
4   Vu, Tammy CBSS     2   Sorkey, Laura CMFC  
5   Lilley, Tiffany CMFC     3   Vu, Tammy CBSS  
6   Mashburn, Sabrina SSFT     4   Lilley, Tiffany CMFC  
7   Woods, Alden CMFC     7   Horan, Teresa FASF  
8   Stevens, Kaitlyn CMFC     8   Long, Grace FASF  
9   Sorkey, Laura CMFC     9   Mashburn, Sabrina SSFT  
10   Driskill, SarahJayne CMFC     10   Hunt, Samantha Michael Ob FASF  
            11   Woods, Alden CMFC  
            12   Crosby, Vangie FASF  
            13   Rimer, Evelyn FASF  
JWF 3 qualify         CWF 3 qualify      
  Fencer Club Class New     Fencer Club Class New
1   Khare, Michelle FASF E2009  E10   A   Hock, Waverly CMFC  
2   Hock, Waverly CMFC     1   Weinberger, Abigail CMFC  
3   Lake, Delaney CMFC     A   Lake, Delaney CMFC  
4   Vea, Isabelle J CMFC     2   Khare, Madeline FASF  
5   Norwood, Alexandra Sheldon CMFC     3   Woods, Alden CMFC  
6   Hamann, Kaylee CMFC     6   Vu, Tammy CBSS  
7   Willis, Breanna CMFC     7   Baker, Montana FASF  
8   Boyd, Ariana CMFC     8   Willis, Breanna CMFC  
9   Woods, Alden CMFC              
10   Weinberger, Abigail CMFC              
11   Vu, Tammy CBSS