Ark-La-Miss bylaws require Summer National Division 2/3/Vet qualifier rotation between the 3 states:  Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi.  If a state does not have the resources to host the tournament, the rotation proceeds to the next in line. 

2014 -

2013 - Louisiana: host

2012 - Louisiana: host CMM (arrangements offered for reimbursement of funds for any Ole Miss/Oxford Fencers who wishes to come)

2011 - Louisiana: host CBSS

2010 - Louisiana: host CMFC (arrangements offered for reimbursement of funds for any Ole Miss/Oxford Fencers who wishes to come)

2009 - Louisiana: host CMFC

2008 - Mississippi:

            Club list: CNTRLMS, OXF, UMISS (Division hosted JOs)

            Arkansas Club List:

2007 - Louisiana: hosted by Sword Sports

             Club list: CMFC, FASF, SSFT, CBFSS, CMAFF  (Division hosted JOs)

2006 - Mississippi - hosted by CLNTFC.

             Arkansas Club list:  Ft. Smith FC (declined), TxFC (declined)

             Mississippi - Club list: CLNTFC, OXF, UMISS

2005 - Louisiana (hosted by Caddo Magnet Alumni Fencers and Friends)

             Club list: CBFSS (hosted JO 05), CMAFF, CMFC, FASF, SSFT

2004 - Mississippi (hosted by Ridgeland and Clinton Fencing Clubs)

             Club list:  CLNTFC, OPC, RIDGFC, UMISS

2003 - Arkansas - (hosted by Texarkana Fencing Club)

2002 - Louisiana - (hosted by Caddo Magnet Fencing Club)

2001 - Mississippi - (hosted by University of Mississippi Fencing Club)

2000 - Louisiana - (hosted by Caddo Magnet Fencing Club)


Beginning with the July 2003 meeting of the Executive Committee, it was decided that new clubs appearing in the Shreveport area warrant establishment of a rotation for Junior Olympic qualifier among all the clubs who were USFA member clubs in the previous season and who remain USFA member clubs in the current season.  (Alphabetically was the chosen form.  New clubs would be added into the alphabetical mix.)  If a club doesn't have the resources to host, they are put at at the end and the rotation goes to the next club.

2013 - CBFSS

    Club List: CBFSS, CMFC (declined), FASF

2012 - CBFSS

     Club List: CBFSS, CMFC (decined), SSFT, FASF

2011 - CBFSS

     Club List: CBFSS (hosted), CMFC (declined), SSFT (declined), FASF (declined)

2010 - CBFSS

     Club List: CBFSS (hosted), CMFC, SSFT (declined), FASF (declined)

2009 - CBFSS (held at CMFC)

     Club List:  CMFC (co-hosted), SSFT (declined), FASF (declined), CBFSS (co-hosted)

2008 - CMFC

     Club List:  CMFC (hosted), SSFT (declined), FASF, CBFSS

2007 - CMAFF (hosted at CMFC)

     Club list:    FASF (declined) SSFT (declined), CBFSS, CMAFF, CMFC,

2006 - Eventually the officers ended up serving as hosts because of the late date.  (hosted ALM 05)

     Club list:  CMFC (declined), FASF (declined), SSFT,  CBFSS, CMAFF

2005 - CBFSS

    Club list: CBFSS, CMAFF, CMFC, FASF, SSFT (declined)

2004 - SFC

    Club list: CBFSS, CMFC, CCFC (declined), FASF (declined), SFC

2003 - CMFC

    Club list:  CMFC, LSC, SFC

The Southwest Section Circuit Cup is handled by the division, in association with the Rose Condon Memorial Scholarship fund. 


The Southwest Section championship and national qualifier is only rotates to the ALM every 7 years and is a division effort led by the division officers.  It does not rotate to clubs.