Ark-La-Miss Division Special Meeting Minutes




Caddo Bossier Sword Sports – Terry Harkey, Scott Harkey, Robby Carrillo

Methodist Rehab – Ryan Estep

Unattached – Brian Day


Proxies: (including voter)

                Terry Harkey  (6)


Special meeting was called to order by Chair Ryan Estep who reminded us that no other business would be addressed except the nominations and voting for the two office vacancies.


The chair informed those in attendance that he had received 3 nominations for Vice-Chair:

                John Charles Matthews – University of Mississippi Club

                David Williams – Ridgeland Fencing Club

                Joey Brinson – Methodist Rehab

Terry Harkey said she had received an email from David Williams who said if Joey Brinson wanted to run that he would wish to withdraw.  David’s name was removed from the ballot.  The chair then opened nominations from the floor, no nominations were offered.

MOTION:  Nominations cease

    Seconded.   Unanimous.


John Charles Matthews -1

Joey Brinson - 7

Joey Brinson will replace Ryan Estep as the Vice Chair for the remainder of the season.


Next, the Chair asked for nominations for the office of secretary.  Terry Harkey was nominated for the office.

MOTION:  Accept nomination by acclamation.

    Seconded.  Unanimous.


MOTION:  Adjourn

    Seconded.  Unanimous.

Respectfully submitted,

Terry Harkey

Ark-La-Miss Division Secretary