Items to look for that would give the Division Bout Committee Representative concern regarding tournament operations would be:

  1. Venue Setup (To be performed by the Organizers & the Armorer)
    1. Number of strips – Is there sufficient space for the safe placement of the number of strips in the venue? (This item requires the DBCR to use common sense and have some experience in space management when laying strips)
    2. Size of strips – Are the strips of at least the minimum allowable size (1.5mx 14m) and are the lines in the appropriate places? (Not critical but could cause the tournament to be challenged by a disgruntled fencer or coach)
    3. Spacing of strips – Is there at least 1m between the strip and the scoring machine and sufficient space for the referees (3 to 5m)? (Mostly a safety issue and should be followed)
    4. Strip placement – Are strips placed in such a fashion so that there is sufficient space at the ends of strip or so that they are staggered to prevent one strip running into another? (Again a safety issue and should be followed)
    5. TC and Armory space – Is there space available for the Technical Committee and Armory to safely and efficiently operate? (Safety issue)
    6. Spectator area – Is a safe area provided for spectators? ( Safety issue)
  2. Weapons Control – (To be performed by the Armorer)
    1. Armory personnel – Is there a person designated as the Armorer? Has the person who is in charge of checking the equipment, that the BC designates, been trained to do so? (If not then a quick review by the DBCR to make sure they know how to do the checks)
    2.  Mask Checks – Are mask check being done? (Critical)
    3. Body Cords – If required, are body cord checks being performed? (Done to insure a smooth running tournament)
    4. Lame Test – If required, are lame’ tests being performed? (Done to “level the playing field”)
    5. Back up Scoring Equipment – Are there back up reels and floor cords available for strip calls? (To insure the smooth operation of the tournament)
  3. Personal Equipment of Participants – (To be check for by the Referees)
    1. Proper Uniform – Are all fencer dressed in the proper uniform? (Currently any color uniform can be worn, correct jacket/ lame for the hand which is being fenced, correct bib length on mask, socks up to bottom of trousers, proper footwear (no holey sneakers))
    2. Safe Uniform – Are all fencer’s uniforms free of holes? (Critical)

1.     If not were they allowed to fence? (Critical)

2.     Were fencers allowed to wear jeans? (Critical)

3.     Were fencers allowed to wear gloves with holes in them? (Critical)

4.     Were failed masked allowed to be used? (Critical)

5.     Were underarm protectors required and checked for? (Critical)

6.     Were women’s chest guards checked for? (Critical)

    1. Fair Game – Are failed lame’s allowed to be used? (Critical)
  1. Compensation of Officials
    1. Are Referees paid or other compensation arranged? (If the division helps get them, they should be paid)
    2. Are TC personnel compensated? (see above)
    3. Was the DBCR compensated? (At least fees waived if fencing, Room covered if just DBCR)
    4. Was an Armorer hired for the tournament? Is he/she certified by the USFA? (Although it is not critical that they be certified, I am going to talk with Dan about field certification by Level 1 armorers and seminars to do this just like the FOC does)
  2. Liability of Organizers
    1. Is the organizing club a member of the USFA? (Critical)
    2. Is a copy of the organizing club’s insurance certificate on hand? (Critical)
    3. Has the venue requested and been given an additionally insured certificate? (Can be critical if not done when it was requested)
    4. Is there a trained medical staff person on site? (Serious but not Critical – a person with a Sports Safety Cert. or even someone trained in CPR would do)
    5. Is a basic first aid kit on site? (Critical)